Henry County Animal Care & Control

Adopt A Pet

Every adoptable animal deserves a permanent, responsible and loving home. Visit our shelter and you will see many wonderful dogs and cats that are patiently waiting to be adopted.  We sometimes have other animals for adoption too (reptiles, birds, rabbits, horses, goats, llamas and more)!

Impounded animals and lost/stray animals that are brought to the facility by residents are held for four (4) calendar days, excluding Sundays and county holidays, before being placed up for adoption. Animals released by owners may be made available for adoption immediately upon arrival.

The shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal.

By state law, all dogs and cats adopted from the animal shelter must be spayed or neutered. Sterilization must be completed by the date designated on the adoption contract.
To adopt an animal you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old. Provide verifiable identification.
  • Sign a legally binding adoption agreement.
  • Guarantee adequate exercise, food, water, shelter, vaccinations, medical care, grooming, identification, lifelong care and love for your new pet.
  • Adhere to state and local ordinances pertaining to animal care and control.

Adoption Fees

  • $65.00. Adoption fee includes a prepaid rabies vaccination certificate and a 24Petwatch microchip.