With the expected high winds coming our way, it is imperative that all County residents bring their outdoor companion animals inside. Also, livestock owners need to insure that their animals are safely secured. Trees will damage fencing and if we loose power, electric and invisible fences will become inoperable. Please, everyone, be prepared and be safe! For more information please follow updates on social media: Henry County Government Facebook and Henry County Animal Care & Control Facebook page.

Henry County Animal Care & Control

527 Hampton Street, McDonough, GA 30253
Director - Gerri Yoder
Tel: (770) 288-7387 / Tel: (770) 288-PETS / Fax: (770) 288-7432
Hours:  Mon-Fri: 9am - 4:30pm / Sat: 8am - Noon / Closed Sunday

Wild animals, such as raccoons, deer and other species abound in Henry County, and while most wildlife never comes in contact with people, sometimes these animals can become a nuisance. Henry County has grown so much and due to development, many of these wild animals are losing or finding their habitats limited. The Henry County Animal Care and Control Department does not handle complaints regarding nuisance wildlife. If you have nuisance wildlife on your property, please click the link below for information from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. There you will find a links for licensed Nuisance Wildlife Trappers as well as licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators (Rehabilitators are licensed to handle injured and/or orphaned wildlife). GeorgiaWildLife.com

The Henry County Animal Care and Control Department takes pride in our services and our animals! Enforcement of our County's animal control ordinances, investigation of animal neglect and abuse, quarantine of biting animals, care of stray and abandoned animals, pet adoptions, assistance with lost and found pets, and public education on animal related issues are just some of the services that we provide.

In 2011, the department responded to 9,243 calls for service and provided shelter and care for over 6,000 animals. The Department is committed to serving the public and the care and well being of animals, both domestic and livestock, throughout the unincorporated areas of Henry County and in the cities of Hampton, Locust Grove, McDonough, and Stockbridge.

We have 12 total employees -- including a department Director, Animal Control Supervisor, one office support position, three kennel masters, and six animal control field officers.

The department is a member of the NationalAnimal Control Association and a founding member of the Animal Welfare Alliance of Georgia.

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