Henry County Airport

Address: 474 Speedway Blvd., Hampton, GA  30228
Phone: (770) 288-7834 / Fax: (770) 288-7828
DirectorMichael Toney

Environmental Assessment

Below you may download documents relating to the Supplemental Environmental Assessment completed for the Runway Extension Project at the Atlanta South Regional Airport:

Atlanta South Regional Airport to Drive Economic Development in Henry County

The investment in Atlanta South Regional Airport will enhance Henry County’s economy by “leveling the playing field” with other communities that have already invested in enhanced aviation infrastructure, enabling it to attract new industry.

By 2014, Henry County plans to have completed the improvements first advocated by the FAA in its Environmental Assessment report to Clayton County in 2006. These improvements, which will be funded almost entirely by Federal Aviation Administration (90%) and GDOT (5% on some projects), call for extending and widening the runway, and other enhancements that will bring the facility up to the safety standards recommended for the size and type of aircrafts that are currently flying into Tara Field. Future planned improvements also include installing an instrument landing system, enabling pilots to take off and land safely in all kinds of weather, along with installing fencing around the entire perimeter of the airfield property, which will help to improve security in a post-9/11 environment.

Once these improvements are made, there is an enormous opportunity for direct economic growth within the aerospace industry in Henry County, including the creation of high-paying jobs in airframe, mechanical system and avionics repair businesses.  

According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the average aerospace worker in Georgia earns over $61,300 annually, 43% higher than the average for the state, making aviation and aerospace projects an important target industry segment for the state, which is currently ranked 8th in U.S. aerospace industry employment. 

An improved airport will also better equip Henry County to attract the growing number of corporations which require nearby airfields for their operations or executive travel.  It will also help position the airport to become the preferred choice for aviation in the region.  Consequently, the County will also benefit from increased ad valorem taxes for aircraft housed at the airport, as well as fuel sales and other aviation investments that will add to the local tax base.

This potential for economic development is why Henry County acted now, with budgets as tight as they are, to purchase the facility. The recession also made the acquisition more favorable for Henry County.  Not only was the price less than it was early a decade ago, when Henry County first began looking at purchasing Tara Field, Henry County government will pay just $2.7 million of the $17.7 million price tag.  To further reduce the burden on taxpayers, the payments will spread out the payments over three budget years, with the next payment of $1 million not due until September 2012, and the last payment of $403,403 being paid in September of 2013. 

The balance of $15 million – or 85 percent of the purchase price – will be funded by the FAA.  The combined properties total approximately 542 acres and include the airport, taxiways and contiguous properties, plus a hangar and 217 acres of adjacent land that had been owned by the Clayton County Water Authority.  Combined, the properties have been independently appraised for more than $25 million.

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Airport/FBO Information


HMP Henry County – Tara Field, Hampton, GA (3 miles west of the City of Hampton)

  • Time Zone: ET, or UTC -4 (UTC -5 during Standard Time)
  • Lat: 33° 23.4’ N
  • Long: 84° 19.9’ W
  • Elev: 882 feet
  • Var: +05°
  • Longest Runway: 5,505 Feet
  • Cir Del: 128.575
  • AWOS: 124.825
  • CTAF: 122.725

FBO Information for K4A7


Henry County Airport: Providing high quality fuel and services to you and your customers, from Shell Aviation

  • Phone: (770) 288-7829
  • Fax: (770) 288-7828
  • Freq: 122.725
  • AWOS Ph: (770) 707-1719
  • Noise Restrict Ph.: (770) 288-7829

Runway & Approach Information

Runway Length Land Dist Avail Approach*
06 5,505’ L X 100’ W 5,505' GPS
24 5,505’ L X 100’ W 5,015' GPS
*Only ILS, LOC, LDA, and SDF approaches to a specific runway are shown
  • Runway ID: 06/24
  • Single Wheel: 30,000
  • Double Wheel:45,000
  • Double Tandem Wheel: N/A
  • Dual Double Wheel: N/A


Henry County Airport Runway

Click here for full scale & interactive Sectional view of KHMP.


Airport Facilities

  • Airport Attendance Schedule: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm M – F
  • Airport Status: Operational (This status can change at any time. Please check NOTAMS)
  • Airport Lighting Schedule: 24 Hr Pilot Controlled; LED MIRL Runways 06/24, PAPI Runways 06/24 – CTAF
  • Airport Storage Available: Tie Downs and Hangars
  • Extra Services Available: Charter, Flight Instruction, Aircraft Rental, and Aircraft Sales
  • Wind Indicator: YES (Lighted)
  • Control Tower: NO
  • CTAF Frequency: 122.725
  • Unicom Frequency: 122.725
  • Rotating Beacon Color: Clear-Green (Light Land Airport)
  • Segmented Circle: Yes
  • Landing Fee: Aircraft Parking Fee Required During Major Race (NASCAR) Events

Airport Services

  • Type of Fuel Available: Grade 100LL, Jet A-1 (icing inhibitor, freeze point - 50°C); 24 Hr Self-Serve with Credit Card; Full Serve During Regularly Attended Business Hours; Fuel Call Out Available (Fee: $200.00)
  • Airframe Repair Service: Major
  • Power Plant Repair Service: Major

Geographic Data

  • Latitude: 33° 23.4’ N Longitude: 84° 19.9’ W
  • Airport Elevation: 882 feet (surveyed)
  • Magnetic Variation: 05° W / 3 miles west of the City of Hampton
  • Sectional Chart: Atlanta
Operations (Reported) Yearly Avg. Daily
General Aviation transient: 5500 15
General Aviation Local: 5500 15
Air Taxi: 0 0
Commercial: 0 0
Commuter: 0 0
Military: 0 0

Aircraft Based on Field

General Aviation Singles: 100
General Aviation Multi: 25
Jet Aircraft: 5
General Aviation Helicopters: 9
Military Aircraft: 0
Gliders: 0
Ultralights: 3


FAA Services

  • FSS On Field: No
  • FSS Tie-in: Macon
  • FSS Phone: 1.800.WX.Brief
  • Who Issues Notams: MCN
  • Notam D Service at Airport: YES
  • ARTCC Name: Atlanta

Federal Status

  • Airport Certification:
  • Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Index: None
  • Airport of Entry:  No
  • Custom Landing Rights:  No
  • Joint Civil/Military: No
  • Military Landing Rights:  No

Runway Identification 06/24

  • Length: 5,505 ft.
  • Width:  100 ft.
  • Surface:  Asphalt – good condition
  • Edge Lights:  Medium Intensity LED
<tr"> </tr">
  Runway 06 Runway 24
Mag Heading: 59.6° 239.6°
Rwy Slope: 54% up -54% down
Pattern: Right Traffic Left Traffic
Markings: Nonprecision Instrument Nonprecision Instrument
Marking: Good Condition Good Condition
Arresting Dev:    
Lat & Long: N33°23.1' W084°20.3' N33°23.6' W084°19.6'
Elev: 851.9 ft. MSL 881.8 feet MSL
TCH: 50 ft. AGL 65 ft. AGL
Visual Glide: 3.0 degrees 3.0 degrees
Displaced: No Yes
Threshold:   N 33°23.6' W 84°19.5'
Elev: 878.0 feet MSL
Touchdown Zone: Yes yes
Touchdown Elev.: 861 feet 878 feet
Elev: Visual Glide 2-Light PAPI on LEFT side of Runway Visual Glide 2-Light PAPI on LEFT side of Runway
RVR Equipment:    
RVV Equipment: No No
REIL: Yes No
Centerline: No No
Touchdown Lights: No No
Runway Category:

Other than utility runway with a non-precision approach having visibility minimums greater than 3/4 mile

Other than utility runway with a non-precision approach having visibility minimums greater than 3/4 mile
Obstructions: Trees  
Marked: NOT Marked/Lighted  
Clearance Slope: 34:1 20:1
Obstruction Height: 40 feet AGL  
Dist. From Runway: 1,560 feet  
Centerline Offset: 0B  

Remarks:  This airport has been surveyed by the national geodetic survey.  Acrobatic training and demonstration area SW of airport. Deer on and invof arpt.  GCO available on freq. 121.725 through flt svcs.  Aircraft overnight parking fee.

Federal Agreements

  • National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)
  • Assurances Pursuant to Title VI. Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Grant Agreement has expired; however, agreement remains in effect for this facility as long as it is public use.

Airport Communications & Frequencies

Clearance Delivery Frequencies: 128.575 381.65
CTAF Frequency: 122.725  
Unicom Frequency: 122.725  
Atlanta Primary Approach Frequencies: 128.575 381.65
Atlanta Primary Departure Frequencies: 128.575 381.65
Class B Frequencies: 128.575 (E V97)
(S V18)
381.65 (E V97)
(S V18)

Contact Information

Henry County – Tara Field
Hampton, Georgia (Henry County)

Henry County
140 Henry Parkway
McDonough, GA 30253
(770) 288-6270

Michael Toney
474 Speedway Blvd.
Hampton, GA  30228
(770) 288-7834
Fax: (770) 288-7828

  • Ownership: Publicly Owned
  • Use: Open to the Public
  • FAA Region: Southern
  • FAA Field Office: ATL