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SPLOST Completes Rock Quarry Road Bridge

SPLOST Completes Rock Quarry Road Bridge
Henry County Commissioners, the Henry County SPLOST Department and Department of Transportation celebrated the completion of the new bridge over Rock Quarry Road on Tuesday. Joining them for the ceremony were members of the Stockbridge City Council, representatives with McGee Partners, and numerous businesses located near the bridge.

The Henry County Board of Commissioners, together with the SPLOST Department, celebrated the completion of Rock Quarry Road Bridge in Stockbridge with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday. 

Though a SPLOST III project, the bridge would not have been possible were it not for American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus funds the County received for the Eagles Landing Parkway widening project completed in 2012.  In fact, at $22,254,870, the Eagles Landing Parkway project was the second largest single award of ARRA stimulus dollars in metro Atlanta, a major accomplishment that freed SPLOST funds allocated to that project to be shifted to other projects on the SPLOST III Transportation List, stretching those SPLOST dollars even further. 

“I cannot say enough about the staff from multiple departments who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get that done,” explained District 4 Commissioner Reid Bowman.  “By doing so, we were able to have certain things happen where we would have extra money to put in other SPLOST projects that we were going to have to put on the back burner.”

The Rock Quarry Road Bridge was one of the projects to which these dollars were shifted.  The total cost of the bridge was $6,990,781.  The 235 foot bridge features one lane in each direction, though it was built to accommodate four lanes in anticipation of the need to one day widen the roadway.  Such planning for future expansion saves the county both time and money because they were able to go ahead and acquire the right-of-way needed for the future at today’s prices, pay only once to move the utilities, and disturb the land at the bridge only once.

Today, the 50 to 60 trains that go through there each day cross under Rock Quarry Road without impeding traffic, which has dramatically improved trip times for citizens and trucks carrying goods produced in the area. 

“It opens up a corridor for the northeast end of the county so they can move very quickly to the hospital  for much needed services as well as opening up part of the traffic congestion at Eagles Landing and Hudson Bridge on 75 because you’ll be able to move through here very quickly and get over to 675 without going through the bottleneck on 75, so it’s a huge advantage to the north end of the county, and it helps the other parts of the county by moving some of that traffic off of 75,” explained District 4 Commissioner Reid Bowman.

Perhaps most importantly, emergency response times have been reduced, as neither fire trucks nor ambulances have to worry about being delayed by a train when responding from the new station on Rock Quarry Road, or when transporting patients to the Piedmont Henry Hospital, also on Rock Quarry Road.

“You never know the trains’ schedule, and there have been times when an ambulance has had to turn around and go back around simply because a train was going through,” said Bowman.  “This has been promised for over 30 years, and this is a great day for the north end of Henry County and the City of Stockbridge.”

The Rock Quarry Road Bridge was designed by McGee Partners of Tucker, Georgia and constructed by G.P.’s Enterprises of Auburn, Georgia.  For more information about this or any other SPLOST project, or to take advantage of special discounts offered by local businesses in celebration of the completion of the bridge, please visit www.henrycounty-ga.org/splost.

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