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Henry County Animal Care & Control

Lost Pets

If you would like to list your lost pet, or if you would like to let us know about an animal that has been found, please send an email to webmaster@co.henry.ga.us. Be sure to include a photo (no attachments over 1MB in size). Please note that by submitting your information you understand that your information will be publicly available on the County website. Henry County Board of Commissioners is not responsible for how this information may be used outside of the scope of the Animal Care & Control lost/found pets section of the website.

Note: To ensure that the listings are as up to date as possible, listings over 60 days will be removed unless otherwise advised.

Animal Control will post the pictures at the shelter; however, you should take the time to physically come to the shelter at least once a week to look for your lost pet. We look at hundreds of animals each month - so their pet, while easily recognizable to them, is not so easily recognizable to us!


Listed: April 21, 2014

Lost Pet

I came home to find my cat missing. Simba is an indoor cat. Simba always runs outside and he always comes back within that same hour. Simba is a big cat and loves to eat, he would never go a day, let alone a meal to play outside. Im fearful that something has happened because hes not a people person, if he was to see someone approaching him hed run. I hope more than anything that maybe someone did get a hold of him, because its been raining these past days. He just had his first birthday on March 24 so hes 1 year old. He went missing on April 16, in Ashton court off of Willow lane (McDonough). He is a tan stripped tabby, bigger than your average cat. Hes dealing with some kitty acne so under his chin he may have this black stuff that almost looks like dirt. At night when left alone hes whines, and hes definitely a scratcher. At the moment Im better reachable at email but ill leave my phone number as well.

Nikia McCall

Phone: 678-447-6890

Listed: April 11, 2014

Lost Pet

Missing: Orange Tabby named Bings. Last seen on Avalon Drive in the Ola area on Saturday, April 5th. He's about 8/9 years old and not chipped. He is very friendly. Please call or email if you've seen Bings.

Jennifer Farley

Phone: 678-492-1011

Listed: April 4, 2014

Lost Pet

This morning, 04/03/14, out American pitbull terrier named Buddha broke his runner and ran off through the woods. This is not unusual for him, because there is a pond nearby that he loves to play in. However, he has not returned home, as he always does within a few minutes. His name is Buddha, he will be three years old in June. He is a beautiful blue/grey color. Please call if found.

Ashley Hagan

Phone: 404-966-1327

Listed: April 2, 2014

Lost Pet

Toby is an Orange and white, very affectionate cat that meows a lot. He is an almost 2 years old male.

Last seen near HWY 81 and HWY 3 in Hampton



Phone: 770-652-1171

Listed: March 28, 2014

Lost Pet

Lost Pet

On Wednesday, March 26, my friend let my dog out to go to the bathroom. My dog ran across the street to Mt. Zion elementary. My friend came in to get his keys and drive over there. There were several cars in the parking lot. When he made it over there the cars were gone and so was Massey. He may have been picked up by one of the cars as he did not have his collar on seeing how he went to the groomer the other day and they forgot to put it back on (they put little bandanas on). Please help me find my baby. My heart is breaking. A reward will be given for return or information related to finding my missing baby.


Phone: 678-739-7904

Listed: March 19, 2014

Lost Pet

My little sisters dog is missing. His name is Rusty he;s a jack russell terrier beagle mix. He has a black collar on. Last seen in the Ola area. Any information please contact Sue @ 508-395-8602 or Kelli @ 607-968-1804.


Phone: 508-395-8602

Listed: March 17, 2014

Lost Pet

Our dog "Boogie" has been missing since Saturday, March 15, 2013. He was last seen in Wesley Lakes Subdivision. He was with a pet sitter who forgot to lock his gate. He is the sweetest dog ever and we truly miss him. He is very playful and is a very fast runner. There is a REWARD for his sage return. Please call Mia at 678 665 4040. Thank you.


Phone: 678-665-4040

Listed: March 14, 2014

Lost Pet

Please help find my baby!!! Her name is "Ann" or "Annie girl"...she got out of our gate Tuesday night and we have searched everywhere!! We are unable to have children, so she is like our child. She is very sweet and is shy.

Ann was last seen close to the intersection of Hwy 81W & Hwy 3 in Hampton GA, Henry Co. She isn't wearing a collar as she slips out of any collar that we have used, so seeing that she was in our fenced in yard we didn't worry about a collar as we used a harness when we would take her anywhere. She is a mixed breed, we think she has hound dog, (she has the big floppy ears) and who knows what else in her....she is beautiful to us though!! ;-) She is on a special diet as she weighs probably over 100 lbs.. She can look intimidating but she is truly a big sweetheart!! She is brindle colored (Brown) and she is not micro chipped.


Listed: February 25, 2014

Lost Pet

My cat Tony got out of the house last week in Keys Forest Subdivision. She is a tortoiseshell type kitty. She is petite and shy. She has a skin condition and her tail hair is thin, she has 2 white toes and her tail is white on the end. Please call the number below if you find her!

E-mail: Melanie Price
Phone: 770-851-3661

Listed: February 20, 2014

Lost Pet

Bear went missing about two weeks ago, and my family and I have looked everywhere for him and have yet to find him. He is not microchipped. He is a year old catahoula leopard dog, with a brindle color, weighing approximately 35-40 pounds, a medium size breed, the last time he was seen he was wearing a blue plaid collar. He is very energetic and playful, and is up to date on his shots. He has been staying with my family in the McDonough area, if you see them please let me know regardless of the time of day my number is below.

E-mail: Ashley White
Phone: (678) 982-7654

Listed: February 20, 2014

Lost Pet
Lost Pet

My cat has been missing for over 3 weeks now and I've looked everywhere! He goes by Meow Meow. He looks a lot like Garfield or Puss-in-boots from Shrek. He has a really cool design right on the top of his head. He is very friendly and is an outside cat that hunts. We live near Mt. Zion elementary school in Stockbridge. He's not microchipped but he had a pink collar and a flea collar. Hes a very large orange cat.

E-mail: Nikki Fowler
Phone: 678-651-0032

Listed: February 5, 2014

Lost Pet

My dog Carly is missing. She is a black/gray shih tzu. Her head and tail have hair but her body is shaved.  She was last seen about 6:00pm 2/1 on Hwy 81 in McDonough near Gleason Meadows and River Park S/D. If anyone has seen her or has in formation PLEASE call me at the number below. I desperately want her back.

E-mail: Rachel Henderson
Phone: 404-345-7912

Listed: February 4, 2014

Lost Pet

Missing since January 27, 2014 from Singley Drive in Locust Grove Neutered male tabby named BoBo. Has a notch on his right ear. Very sweet boy

E-mail: Casey Belcastro
Phone: 678-371-1148

Listed: January 2, 2014

Lost Pet

On December 31, 2013 at 10pm I let Lewis outside to use the bathroom, he somehow got out of our fence and it nowhere to be found.

  • Lewis DOB: 8/1/2005
  • Minature Dachshund- Male
  • Black, with brown eyebrows and paws
  • Lost at 770 Laney Road, 30248

E-mail: Kristen Holliday
Phone: 404-617-5447

Listed: January 2, 2014

Lost Pet

Our dog Riley went missing 10 months ago in Griffin, GA. We used to live in Locust Grove and he might have wondered back to Henry County. He is a white shepherd/lab mix. He's a golden color and long haired. He is fixed and house trained. He had a black collar with a blue bone tag that said "Riley" He is great with kids & other animals, but terrified of loud noises. He also squats and does not lift to.... We want him home. It's been a very long 10 months...

E-mail: Kristen Holliday
Phone: 678-584-3201

Listed: December 2, 2013

Lost Pet

This is Bear, he somehow got away on Jonesboro rd in McDonough on Nov. 30. Last seen in the square on Dec. 1st. He is wearing a bright yellow collar. If you see him, please call or text me at the number below no matter what the time is. He is also very scared and most likely will run when trying to be approached.

E-mail: Lauren
Phone: 678-230-1179

Listed: November 27, 2013

Lost Pet

This little angel's name is Milo, I lost him on October 27, 2013. My name is Savannah Lail and I want him back desperately. There is a reward for whoever returns him to me safe and unharmed. He was last seen at 632 Penstock Path Hampton, GA. He was not wearing his collar and he is not microchipped. He is neutered though, so that may help identify him.

E-mail: Savannah
Phone: 678-551-4676

Listed: November 5, 2013

Lost Pet

My cat named Moonshine has been missing for 2 weeks from 5949 Hwy 155N in Stockbridge (between Fairview Rd and 138). He is 2 years old, black with a small white patch on his chest. Moonshine is an indoor/outdoor cat. He has been neutered. Please, if you can help me find Moonshine, I will be forever grateful.

E-mail: Karen
Phone: 828-505-5463

Listed: October 29, 2013

Lost Pet

Lost on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 26, 2013 in the area of Hwy 81 East and Henry County High School in McDonough. 12 year old neutered male, recently groomed so his hair is really short, has growth on the right side of his mouth and an under bite. Wearing green collar with no tags and a multi-colored striped bandana. Very sweet and answers to the name of Mack.

E-mail: Carol or Louis Rice
Phone: 770-954-0725

Listed: October 28, 2013

Lost Pet

Please help us find Bear (Black Lab) and Avery (English Pointer). They have been gone since 10/25/13. They do not have their collars on, because they were just given baths the night before. If you have any information, please contact Carrie at 678-620-6922. We love them and miss them dearly. They are very friendly. Thank you in advance. (Last seen - Wyldewood Drive off Brannan Road)

E-mail: Carrie
Phone: 678-620-6922

Listed: October 24, 2013

Lost Pet

My 8 month old black cat, Wobbles, has been missing from the Swan Lake neighborhood in Stockbridge since 10/12. When she went missing, she was wearing a black collar with a purple tag that had her name & my phone number. She was also wearing a white flea collar. Both are the safety collars that are made to break away if they get hung up on something, so she might not still have them. I've been going to animal control once a week, as well as posting flyers all over the neighborhood & surrounding area. If anyone finds her please contact me via phone or email.

E-mail: Shannon Williams
Phone: 678-233-8527

Listed: October 21, 2013

Lost Pet

Luna - 12 yo female tortoiseshell calico

Missing October 17th from the Fairfield neighborhood of Monarch Village in Stockbridge.

My cat, "Luna" escaped the house without me realizing it the night of October 17. It wasn't until I got home from a social engagement after work the following night that I realized she was gone. She is a sweetheart of a cat, but very timid and scares easily. She hides most of the time. Affectionate and talkative when she's comfortable around you. She'snever been outside before now.

E-mail: Steve Downin
Phone: 404-310-9917

Listed: October 17, 2013

Lost Pet

I am missing my dog please help. He was last seen on Lummus Rd in Covington, but we live right on the henry county line near hwy 81. He has been gone since last Wednesday. Last Thursday someone hit him and called the vet # on his rabies tag and the vet contacted us. We couldnt find his body and Monday I got a call from someone who had seen his missing flyer, they said they saw him or a dog that looked just like him roaming their neighborhood monday morning.

I am holding onto slight hope that maybe when he got hit it didnt kill him, since we never found the body. If someone has turned him in please let me know.

E-mail: Rachel
Phone: 678-994-7550 OR 404-983-6120

Listed: October 7, 2013

Lost Pet

Lost Pet

Lost American Bulldog - missing from Bill Hart rd., Newnan GA. Missing since Sept 22. Male, neutered, different colored eyes, white with brindle body. 404 610 8007

E-mail: Brenda
Phone: 404-610-8007

Listed: October 1, 2013

Lost Pet

We live in the Heron Bay subdivision in Locust Grove... Our cat Ollie has been missing since Saturday... He is not wearing a collar. He is microchipped and registered with 24petwatch. He is a very friendly male tabby. If he happens to come in PLEASE call me.

E-mail: Corey Keller
Phone: 770-846-6360

Listed: September 24th, 2013

Lost Pet

I just found out my dog is missing. I have been having a friend take care of him while I am in Transitional Housing up here in Sandy Springs. I do not have transportation but have asked my ex-husband to go tomorrow and see if he sees the dog there. He has apparently been missing for approximately a week and they never told me so I am praying that he is still there. He is a pitbull/mix and is neutered. His name is Tipsy and he is about a year and a half old.

E-mail: Sarah
Phone: 770-998-3392


Listed: September 3rd, 2013

Lost Pet

My boy Jake has been missing since July 4th when he escaped from his collar. He is a very sweet boy, mixed breed, medium sized, neutered, 2 years old, and micro chipped. Originally missing from Douglasville / Douglas Ridge Trail but could be anywhere

E-mail: Becky

Listed: August 22nd, 2013

Lost Pet

Slick is about 3 years old and wandered off at the end of July. I have searched everywhere and I cannot find him.

E-mail: Lashae

Listed: August 20th, 2013

Lost Pet

My puppy, Buddy, has gotten loose and I can't seem to find him. He got out around 4:00PM, Monday, August 19th. He's a black little dog that kind of resembles a Pittbull, Black Lab mix. This picture is the only picture we have of him. He will have on two collars, a blue collar and a flea collar. He also has white tufts of fur under his chin and on his chest.

E-mail: Tiffany

Listed: August 19th, 2013

Lost Pet

My dog ran off on Bill Gardner Pkwy and she was last seen at the Exxon near the I-75 junction @ 5:45am Monday 08/19/13.

Dog Name: Tasha, 1 year old

E-mail: Tani

Listed: August 15th, 2013

Lost Pet

Lost dog in Davidson Landing subdivision off highway 138

E-mail: Bee

Listed: July 15th, 2013

Lost Pet

Lost 14 months old German Shepard, from Noah's Ark Road area, on July 6, 2013 German Shepard.

E-mail: Dena
Phone: (770) 912-6255

Listed: July 5th, 2013

Lost Pet

Black/Tan Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix. Name "Kiki" or Tequila.

E-mail: Michelle

Listed: July 1st, 2013

Lost Pet

Our dog Izzy has been missing since Saturday June 29, 2013. She was lost in the Racetrack road area.

E-mail: Brianne
Phone: (678) 516-3872

Last updated: Monday April 21 2014

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Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

Animal Care & Control is on Facebook!

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